Starwood Construction Market Group

Starwood Construction Market within our company group serves to the end user as well as furniture dealers, carpenters and contractors in our general customer portfolio with its 1,000m2 store in Denizli, where the housing sector is gaining momentum.

Starwood Construction Market, which is the shining star of Turkey, offers nearly 60 thousand products with its strong stock, fast shipping, attractive prices and payment options.


  • Wooden Furniture Slats and Profiles
  • Built-in Product Groups
  • Lighting Products
  • Connection and Installation Elements
  • Bathroom and Kitchen Accessories
  • Paint Groups
  • Sink and Battery Groups
  • Hinges and Rails
  • Hand Tools and Machines
  • Wardrobe Internal Accessories
  • Hardware Types
  • Door and Window Handles
  • Lock Types
  • Furniture Handles and Accessories
  • Sliding Door and Cabinet Systems
  • Wheel and Feet
  • Adhesives and Silicones
  • Sanitary Ware